Nikolina E. Stratigaki - Counselling Psychologist Stress Management Group TherapyStress is a feeling that affects daily all of us. The financial crisis, the intensity of our everyday life, our chores and commitments, our relationships with other people, increase our stress levels and that is usually manifested by feelings of anxiety, nervousness, angry outbursts and even physical pain. While we all feel stress, few of us can actually describe exactly what it is, what causes it and how to treat it.

The Stress Management Group Therapy aims at helping you reduce feelings of discomfort and insecurity created by stress, through group discussions, psycho-education, specially designed experiential exercises, and relaxation and breathing techniques. Together with my colleague, Eftychia Leftherioti, we coordinate the group and we focus on the interpersonal interactions of its members so that you can have the maximum opportunity to help and learn from each other. Group members learn not only to have a better understanding of themselves and their issues but also to be “therapeutic helpers” for the rest of the members.

The group’s basic goals are to learn how to:

  • Recognise unhelpful stress and identify the ways in which it manifests.
  • Manage daily stress by acquiring the appropriate tools to deal with it
  • Get relief from the unpleasant physical symptoms of stress and panic attacks.

The group is aimed at adults without prior participation in a group being a prerequisite. It will be held every week, meetings will last 90 minutes and the cost is 20€ per meeting. The maximum number of participants is 9. All participants, before their introduction into the team will have an initial assessment with one of the coordinators. Those interested can register until 15 January 2017 by phone, email, or message from myContact page.