Nikolina E. Stratigaki Counselling Psychologist Parenting & Relationship Counsellor

Counselling and Psychotherapy are umbrella terms to describe a range of talking therapies that are provided by psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors. As trained professionals we work with our clients, examining their mental health issues and exploring underlying problems that may be the cause, with the aim to reduce psychological discomfort and improve psychological well-being.

Therapy is a very personal journey. It aims at helping you understand your internal conflicts and at finding better and more effective methods of coping but also of changing the ways in which you manage your thoughts and behaviour, towards yourself and others, thereby improving your emotional as well as your overall wellbeing.

As a Counselling Psychologist I have trained in using various theoretical models in my practice. These include among others Person Centred Therapy (PCT), Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and the Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). During the initial assessment I suggest the appropriate therapeutic approach, based both on my clinical experience and my knowledge of scientific studies. Collaboration is central to the way I work, therefore I always respect the clients’ preference on how to deal with their difficulties.


The initial appointment – assessment – lasts for half an hour, while subsequent sessions last for 50 minutes. The initial assessment gives you the chance to discuss the reasons that brought you to therapy and what are your hopes and expectations of the process. At the end of the assessment I will share my initial understanding of your issues and explain the therapeutic plan that I believe will help us go further. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and express any concerns. Your attendance to the assessment does not bind you to further sessions. Many people who are not sure if psychotherapy is for them book an assessment to help them make that decision. It is solely your decision whether you want to book the next session at that time or whether you want to take some time to decide if psychotherapy is the right path for you at that moment and if I’m the right therapist for you.


To book a session please contact me directly either by phone, email. For more information please click here.


From our initial telephone contact, anything said remains confidential. Your personal information as well as your session notes are covered by professional confidentiality and they cannot be disclosed to anyone without your written consent (Law 991 of 117/20,12,1979, Article 9, FEK Α 278). There are a few exceptions to the rules but all these issues are discussed in more detail during the assessment.


The initial assessment is half an hour and costs €35. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes, usually take place weekly and are charged at €50 if you’d like to continue therapy with one of my colleagues at my practice, or €60 per session if you’d like to continue therapy with me.


Cancelled sessions are not charged as long as the client gives the Psychologist a 24-hour notice when cancelling a session.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.