love-heart-hand-romanticThe upbringing of our children, although sometimes challenging, is a huge and very important task and certainly one of the most fulfilling experiences that life has to offer. Children need lots of attention, care and love to develop into well-adjusted adults. Apart from their daily needs, each child also has its own personality – partly due to hereditary factors and partly due to environmental influences. It is every parent’s duty to work together with each of his/her children, acknowledging the uniqueness of their character, to help them develop appropriate behaviors and social skills that will contribute in them living a happy life, full of healthy interpersonal relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, effective parenting and upbringing is not something that parents can apply instinctively or automatically – it is something that is learned.

The Parent Support and Empowerment Workshops are a school, in which we learn the “profession” of the parent. In reality of course it is not a profession. The main aim is to create a necessary balance to a lifestyle that is adapted to the needs of our society and to promote an understanding between the generations. The first step towards a more positive relationship with your children is to recognize that you are feel challenged and/or worried as a parent about some issues concerning your children.

This particular workshop deals with the following issues:

  • Children’s cognitive and psychosocial development.
  • Developmental stages and milestones.
  • Appropriate ways of setting rules and boundaries.
  • Underlying causes of children’s negative behaviours.
  • Parenting types.
  • Punishment as an ineffective type of discipline.
  • Positive parenting.
  • Parental contribution to boosting the child’s self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Skills development for a relationship of encouragement and support.


There is an initial meeting that last for an hour and is free of cost. During that meeting we discuss the workshop’s structure as well as what we will learn at each meeting. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and express any concerns. Your attendance does not bind you to attending the workshop.

Winter workshops: Further meetings are 10 in total, last 2 hours each, and take place every second Saturday at my practice.

Summer workshops (intensive): Further meetings are 5 in total, last 5 hours each (one hour is lunch time), and take place every Saturday at my practice.

This program is structured in a way so that with every meeting you build on the knowledge gained in the previous ones. This happens gradually, in an interactive and pleasant environment, so that you can integrate the theoretical knowledge that I provide you with into your everyday lives easily and effortlessly.


The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 15 people. Places are booked on a first come, first serve basis. To book your place please contact me directly by phone or email. The first meeting last an hour and is free of cost.

Winter workshops: Further meetings are 10 in total, last for 2 hours each and take place every second Saturday. Workshop fees are €50 per month per person (24% VAT not included).

Summer workshops (intensive): Further meetings are 5 in total, last 5 hours each (one hour lunch time), and take place every Saturday at my practice. Workshop fees are €250 per person (24% VAT not included).


I’m afraid there is no possibility of moving the cost of a meeting not attended by a parent to another date. In case a parent cannot attend one of the meetings, the lost meeting is charged at normal rate.

For more information on the next Parent Support and Empowerment workshop, starting mid-November, please do not hesitate to contact me.