kid close upBeing a parent is both an amazing and challenging experience that can cause great stress for many people. Most of today’s parents know very well that while many factors play a role in a child’s development- for example DNA, school, friends, society – parents have the greatest impact on the child’s subsequent development to an adult . Unfortunately there is no simple “parenting guide” that can be applied to all children and that is why parents find themselves dealing with an internal struggle of whether they are doing the right thing, whether they are too soft or too strict, and probably find themselves sometimes disagreeing as to what is the appropriate way to handle a situation.

As a Parenting Counsellor I can:

  • Provide you with accurate information around your child’s developmental stages.
  • Help you explore your options.
  • Guide you in applying scientifically proven methods that will help you with your parenting.
  • Show you and help you practice the necessary skills that will in time create a healthier and more positive communication with your child.


The initial appointment – assessment – as well as subsequent sessions last for 50 minutes. One or both parents can attend the sessions. The initial assessment gives you the chance to discuss the reasons that brought you to therapy and what are your hopes and expectations of the process. At the end of the assessment I will share my initial understanding of your issues and taking into consideration the type of parenting that you prefer and your goals, I will explain the therapeutic plan that I believe will help you resolve your issues. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and express any concerns. Your attendance to the assessment does not bind you to further sessions. If you decide to continue with the sessions, we will develop the appropriate interventions with specific guidelines of how to apply them at home and review your progress regularly until you reach your desired goals.


To book a session please contact me directly either by phone, email. For more information please click here.


From our initial telephone contact, anything said remains confidential. Your personal information as well as your session notes are covered by professional confidentiality and they cannot be disclosed to anyone without your written consent (Law 991 of 117/20,12,1979, Article 9, FEK Α 278). There are a few exceptions to the rules but all these issues are discussed in more detail during the assessment.


Sessions are 50 minutes, usually take place weekly and are charged at €60 per session.


Cancelled sessions are not charged as long as the client gives the Psychologist a 24-hour notice when cancelling a session.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.