Nikolina E. Stratigaki Group TherapyGroup therapy, much like individual therapy, aims at helping you deal better with your life difficulties. It might feel uncomfortable initially sharing your thoughts and feelings with the rest of the group, but through this process you quickly find out that you have many commonalities and that you are not as alone and as different as you think from the other members of the group. Together with my colleague, Eftychia Leftherioti, we coordinate the group and we focus on the interpersonal interactions of its members so that you can have the maximum opportunity to help and learn from each other. Group members learn not only to have a better understanding of themselves and their issues but also to be “therapeutic helpers” for the rest of the members.

Group therapy is suitable for a variety of emotional difficulties, such as issues with your interpersonal relationships, depression, stress, loss, phobias. It is particularly effective though for people that have increased difficulty in their relationships with other people including issues of insecurity, trust, and self-esteem.

The greatest advantage of group therapy is that issues are dealt in the “here-and-now” – a situation much closer to the real world, where we all are part of a group, than in individual therapy. For that reason a lot of people find it very helpful to move from individual to group therapy in order to continue with their personal development.


I meet with each member individually for an initial assessment that lasts 30 min. This is an opportunity to discuss the reasons that brought you to therapy as well as any queries you might have regarding the framework and process of group therapy. Subsequent meetings are with the group, together with my colleague Eftychia Leftherioti, take place weekly and last for 90 min. Groups are usually comprised of 5-9 members. In a typical session, group members are encouraged to talk and share their issues, feelings, ideas and reactions to other members, as freely and honestly as possible. From our side, as psychologists, we make sure that there is always a productive exploration of the issues brought in the group, creating significant opportunities for awareness and self-knowledge.


The maximum number of participants for each group is 9 members. If you are interested in group therapy please contact me directly by phone, email, or by sending me a message from the Contact page.

Group therapy is a very affordable solution for someone who is interested in therapy. The initial assessment, which is one-on-one with me and happens to ensure that we place you in the group that is the best fit for you, lasts for 30 min and costs 20€. Subsequent group sessions last for 90 min, take place weekly, and cost 20€ each. For your participation in the group prepayment of 4 meetings, usually a month, is required.


I’m afraid there is no possibility of moving the cost of a meeting not attended by a member to another date. In case a member cannot attend one of the meetings, the lost meeting is charged at normal rate.

For more information on the next group, which is expected to begin mid-December, please do not hesitate to contact me.